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Latest news: Offering my congratulations and proud to share that “The Dope Years,” a documentary about the death of Latasha Harlins, created by a team of students I and a marvelous group of teachers had the honor of mentoring at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, is a semi-finalist in the 47th annual Student Academy Awards competition!  The tragic killing of this 15-year old African-American child by a Korean shop owner helped spark the 1992 LA riots, but the story got drowned in the media by the videotaped beating of Rodney King. How timely that the film is making its appearance now. Hats off to the “Dope Years” team, and the teams of the two other documentaries created this past fall in USC’s advanced production workshop  - “Driven” and “Dreaming with One Eye Open.”  Working with them and my colleagues was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am so grateful...

Fire on the Hill, a great documentary about the Compton Cowboys that I helped edit with director Brett Fallentine, has been"re-released" on Amazon Prime.  It was released on platforms in mid-May but with all that was going on with Covid-19 there wasn’t much in the way of a media push on it.  Now there is. There's a link below to a great NPR review on Larry Mantle's Filmweek on AirTalk (as well as a link to a 15-second trailer). With all the important changes that are happening in our nation, stories like this are important beacons that bring even more attention towards the BLM efforts.  Please help spread the word of Fire on the Hill and encourage as many of those in your circles to watch and share this story.  


Fire on the Hill Film Week Review


15 Sec Trailer


I am also honored to share about two new hard-hitting films I consulted on: Picture a Scientist, about gender bias and sexual harassment against women scientist from award-winning directors Sharon Shattuck and Ian Cheney, had its virtual premiere on June 12th. They’ve partnered with dozens of independent theaters to make it available for a 2-week theatrical run ending June 26th. Find the info at  And Do No Harm, a hard look at our dysfunctional healthcare system from Emmy winner Robyn Symon, has put together 170 screenings at theaters, medical schools, hospitals and conferences and will air on PBS stations across the US this September. It’s available on demand at

Online teaching & USC: I finished nine short films—dramas, comedies and a full-blown musical—thanks to two cohorts of unflappable students and the light-footed School of Cinematic Arts faculty while we all sheltered in place.  I love collaborating!  Editing will remain online for the coming semester.  I will miss the in-person camaraderie, but remote work isn’t unusual for editors, and I’ve had an eight-week on-the-job bootcamp in interactive collaboration and keeping a class creatively engaged—skills that, I've got a feeling, are going to be of use for a long while…

My memoir: "Chasing the Monster: Confessions of a Film Editor": I'm excited that an excerpt from the memoir I’ve been writing for three years, “Chasing the Monster: Confessions of a Film Editor,” will appear this fall in American Cinema Editors’ quarterly magazine CinemaEditor. I wrote the manuscript as my MFA thesis project, then workshopped it at the Yucatan Writers Conference in Cozumel, Mexico. Talk about stepping outside my comfort zone! I’ve been fortunate to have powerful feedback and encouragement from both literary writers and industry professionals, beginning with movie director and USC colleague Robert Townsend. Robert’s electric reaction to the first few chapters turbocharged my momentum, and we’re now developing  a film he somehow envisioned from those forty-odd pages...Read More

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